Most people don’t want to be overwhelmed with complicated jargon about how good our infrastructure is and why it performs so well.

You can simply rest assured that it’s not a single server hosted offshore which we have no control over. It’s the real deal. Our infrastructure has been extensively load tested and we can guarantee the operation and performance of every site we host.

But if you want to know what makes our network tick, here are the basics:

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    Multiple Network Conectivity

    Connectivity provided by multiple providers including Internode, Vocus, Exetel and TransACT

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    CISCO Clusters

    Multiple links plugin to our CISCO clusters to handle load and failure.

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    Watchguard Firewall Alarm

    A Watchguard Firewall farm filters unwanted packets and passes legitimate traffic at super high transmission rates.

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    Multiple 12Gbps DELL Switch Stack

    A DELL switch stack interconnects with multiple 12Gbps stacking cables

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    Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

    High-end enterprise DELL servers with stacks of memory are connected via minimum 6 x Gigabit cat6e Ethernet cables.

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    Redundant Fibre Channel

    Multiple redundant 8Gbps Fibre Channel HBA’s plug into a Brocade FC switch stack.

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    Reliable Storage

    Clustered Fibre Channel disk arrays make up a fast and reliable Storage Area Network.

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    Multiple Server Farms

    Separate database and web server farms.